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From the makers of

Quantoras & Calgoty

Weavly for Educators and Students

Weavly EDU is an easy to use and free video and music mixing web app designed for classroom use.

Tap into your pupils' interests and engage them to learn across the curriculum!

Educators about Weavly EDU

'Weavly is an excellent way to enrich core-curriculum through the use of technology and bring everyday topics to life!''
Philip Quinn
Special Education Teacher
Wordsworth Academy

Read what he wrote about Weavly EDU in his blog
'It's probably been the best experience I've had with video as a teacher. It's always a real challenge to do video projects for me, but your site really made it workable.'
Matt McCabe
Technology Teacher and Digital Arts
Coliseum College Prep Academy

Watch more Weaves made by his students here

Reasons to have your Students work with Videos

Why Video in the classroom?

  • • Student achievement Accelerate student achievement by impacting the way students learn in the digital age
  • • Technology skills Create environments in which technology is naturally integrated into the teaching and learning process
  • • Student engagement Students retain more information and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning

Why Weavly EDU in the classroom?

  • • Motivation Students are motivated to learn about a topic while creating their own video
  • • Creativity Promotes creativity and keeps students engaged in their learning
  • • Connectivity Helps them stay connected to their world and better express their understanding of core classroom content

Special Features for Educators

  • • No signup for students Save time and focus on what you do best: educating. Get started right away, no signup required!
  • • Class assignments Group and monitor students' activity during video editing assignments
  • • Easy to use Weavly EDU runs directly in the browser with media content that is already online, no downloads or uploads necessary
  • • Animated GIFs Easily create multimedia stories using not only video content but also animated GIFs - your students will love it!

Ideas for Video Editing Assignments

We've prepared two examples of video projects that other teachers have successfully used in the classroom

Bullying - Change for better days

  • Create a Weave on the topic of bullying
  • • Facts Include 4 facts that show why it is bad and why you or anybody else should not bully other people
  • • Videos or animated GIFs You can use either YouTube videos or animated GIFs
  • • Clip length The clips in your Weave should be between 15 to 30 seconds each
  • • Music Use one or more songs that match the topic of your Weave
  • • Weave length The Weave shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes

Learning history the fun way

  • Choose a famous historical figure for your Weave
  • • Facts Research 5 facts about your historical figure and write them down on a piece of paper
  • • Titles Be sure to include each of your 5 facts into your Weave by using the titles feature
  • • Videos or animated GIFs You can use either YouTube videos or animated GIFs
  • • Music Use one or more songs that match the topic of your Weave
  • • Weave length The Weave shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes

What others wrote about Weavly EDU

'Great creativity tool for students, who could practice editing video and audio to create their own masterpieces.'
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'Tried out Weavly in class this morning - looks great for easy video mashups! '
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'Weavly could be a great tool for students to use create year-in-review mixes of news stories!'
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'You can mix sound, images, and videos right from YouTube, Loopcam, and Souncloud.'
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Further questions? Get in touch!

Frequently asked questions

  • • How much does it cost? The current set of features is completely free and will stay free forever. However, we might offer some optional features in the future which will be priced.
  • • Why is Weavly EDU legal? Weavly EDU works in accordance with the Terms of Service of YouTube, SoundCloud and all the others sources we support. All the media used is streamed directly from the source platforms and remains technically separated.

    Weavly EDU solely allows access to content released for distribution; the uploader of the source content can change this at any time. If you can access the media using Weavly EDU, you can use it.

Get in touch with the Weavly EDU team!

  • • Tell us your stories We want to hear your stories! Simply drop us a few lines to and tell us how and why you used Weavly EDU - we're already looking forward!
  • • Give us your feedback Is something not clear or did you encounter a problem? Tell us, we're always open for your questions and inputs!
  • • Get to know us You can also get in touch with us and follow our updates on Facebook or Twitter!